A Story of Resilience: Help Us Rebuild Lives after Tragedy

By VSS | December 11, 2023

Life can change in an instant, and for this Snohomish family, the events of February 10, 2023, were a turning point they never expected. We are reaching out to you today with a deeply personal story of strength, recovery, and the power of community. On that fateful day at 5:45 pm, Jasmine was having her daily phone chat with her mother, ChewBeng, who was getting…

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Raising the Bar: Promoting Responsible Choices to Combat Drunk Driving

By VSS | October 27, 2023

Written by: Leslie McPherson, Programs Administrator At Victim Support Services (VSS), our dedicated advocates have provided invaluable assistance to numerous victims of vehicular assault and families who have tragically lost loved ones to drunk driving crashes, often resulting in vehicular homicide. The scourge of drunk driving inflicts profound and enduring harm upon victims, their families, and the broader community. Its consequences reverberate across multiple facets…

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MrBallen Foundation Grant

By VSS | October 23, 2023

Supporters and Friends of VSS, We are overjoyed to share some extraordinary news with you. It is with immense gratitude and pride that we announce that Victim Support Services has been awarded a most generous grant of $25,000 awarded by the MrBallen Foundation, to further our mission as a victim advocacy agency. This is a remarkable testament to our unwavering commitment to making a positive…

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VSS Volunteers

By VSS | July 24, 2023

As you all know, here at Victim Support Services, volunteers are a very important part of our work. Volunteers donate their time, talents, and energy selflessly and make a huge difference in the lives of crime victims. With that said, please take a moment to get to know our newest volunteers, Rana and Kenisa. KENISA Kenisa was a volunteer with victim support services in 2019, and recently returned…

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Scams: Love, Lies, and Billions Lost

By VSS | June 28, 2023

Written by: Janine Daniels-Moore, Victim Services Coordinator Have you, or someone you know, been a victim of a scam? CAN YOU SPOT THE DIFFERENCE? As financial technology protections become more sophisticated, so are fraudsters’ methods to scam you out of your money. Scams can wreck their victims’ finances, credit scores, emotions, and so much more. Scammers are like viruses: They continually evolve in response to…

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National Volunteer Week

By VSS | April 17, 2023

National Volunteer Week is celebrated annually during the third week of April, and this year it will be observed from April 16th to April 22nd.  Here at Victim Support Services, volunteers are an integral part of our work, and we want to take a moment to express our sincere appreciation for their tireless dedication and commitment to our mission. Volunteers donate their time, talents, and energy…

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King County Grant

By VSS | January 17, 2023

Victim Support Services (VSS) has been selected by The Department of Community and Health Services (DCHS) to assist in identifying a holistic continuum of community-based alternatives that support the health and wellbeing of young people, and the safety of communities. The project will consist of two separate groups, facilitated by VSS staff virtually over Zoom, to seek out input from those who have been directly…

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2022 Employee of the Year

By VSS | January 11, 2023

At the heart of every nonprofit, is its dedicated staff who show up every single day, putting their energy and their soul into meaningful work, to improve the lives of others in one way or another. Victim Support Services is no exception to this. And while we strive to consistently show each and every team member our appreciation for the amazing qualities and abilities that…

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Casey’s Story

By VSS | December 12, 2022

Friends of VSS, As the Holiday season is upon us, it is a good time to not only reflect upon the year behind us, but also to consider the years ahead.  Our main focus remains on being a voice for victims and their loved ones, every day working to champion dignity and compassion for those hurt or harmed by crime and ensuring that their stories…

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