Wellness Retreat for Violent Crime Survivors


Discover Healing and Connection at Our Wellness Retreat for Violent Crime Survivors


Earlier this year, we were thrilled to announce that we received a JAG grant to launch a new Community Support Program (CSP). To ensure our program meets the community’s needs, we sent out a questionnaire to gather your insights on the workshops and activities you’d like to see. Your responses were invaluable, and a common theme emerged: the desire to connect with other survivors who truly understand the journey towards healing and empowerment.


We listened, WE HEAR YOU, and now we invite you to join us in embracing healing, resilience, and renewal together. Join VSS staff as we host the Wellness Retreat: A Weekend of Healing for Violent Crime Survivors, from October 4-6, 2024, in the serene and picturesque setting of Gig Harbor, WA. There is no cost to attend.


This exclusive retreat will take place at a private AirBnB location, revealed only to confirmed participants to ensure a safe and intimate environment. Each attendee will have their own bedroom, providing a personal space to unwind. Due to the nature of this retreat, we are limiting participation to just 6 individuals, allowing for a close-knit and supportive community.


Our agenda will be tailored to the preferences of our participants, with the final schedule released in September. While the unknown can be unsettling, we encourage you to embrace this opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, supported by others who share your journey. Together, we will find solace and strength in a secure and nurturing environment.


Possible workshops and activities include nature walks, sound baths, breathwork, wellness and self-care sessions, journaling, and both individual and group reflections. Our dedicated VSS staff and volunteers will be on hand to facilitate and offer support, ensuring you are never alone on this journey.


You do not need to be a current or former VSS client to attend. If you have been affected by violent crimes such as homicide, attempted homicide, assault, vehicular assault or homicide, robbery, home invasion, or if you are missing a loved one where foul play is suspected, you are eligible to apply. Those wishing to attend with a loved one must each complete their own application, but you are welcome to share a room for added comfort.




For any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Community Support Coordinator, Liberty Miller, at [email protected]. We look forward to embarking on this healing journey together.