CORE Victim Services Academy is integral to providing direct services to victims in the State of Washington. This forty-hour training qualifies participants to provide direct services to victims in Washington State. Victim Support Services (VSS) provides this essential training three to four times a year. Our CORE Academy is not open to community members at large.

Training covers a wide range of topics including crisis intervention, the criminal and civil legal systems, cultural competency and victims’ rights.

Training is held from 8am-5pm each day, for five days. Participants must attend all five days of training to qualify to provide direct services.

Due to COVID-19, it is not safe to hold in-person trainings or events. However, the need for trauma-informed and victim-centered advocates does not stop. Therefore, VSS is working to develop a live, virtual CORE Training for October 2020. Currently, the plan is for the CORE training to run for 4 hours per day for 10 business days. Please contact Julie Thomas at for more information.

You can find the application for CORE here!