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Every year VSS holds their Voices of Victims event. This year, due to COVID, we made some adjustments to this event and are instead hosting the first ever virtual VSS Walk & Run. It is titled "46 for 46" in honor of Victim Support Services' 46 years of helping victims of crime.

The event starts May 4th and will end June 18th.  Participants can choose when they want to walk, run, jog, skip or hop. This can be done at your own pace. People can participate one time or multiple times.

Throughout the event there will be challenges and theme days. We encourage participants to share pictures and videos using our hashtag. There will also be a reverse raffle and a prize for the team with the most donations. Make sure you follow us on social media to stay up to date!

Registration will be done through an app. People can register individually, or can be team captains on a team and recruit team members. If you choose to have a team, you can come up with a fun team name! Due to COVID, anyone anywhere can sign up to participate from where they are located. There will also be t-shirts! More info on the registration process and t-shirts will be shared soon.

If you have questions about becoming a sponsor, please email Dr. Michaela Weber at michaela@victimsupportservices.org

'46 for 46' Sponsorship Details