Volunteer Appreciation Week

By admin | April 19, 2018

In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Week, VSS would like to take a moment to honor Belinda Gloyd, our longest standing volunteer EVER! We asked Belinda to share a few words, and here is what she said: “Volunteering is a great way to feel a belonging to the community in which you live.  When I look to volunteer, I look at the who the agency serves…

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Power of One Award

By admin | April 18, 2018

Many individuals can attest to the backbone of nonprofit agencies – our volunteers. Quite often the unsung heroes of this work – they dedicate their free and personal time to helping us advance our mission in so many different ways. Much of what we are able to do is in large part, because we have an incredible group of volunteers and this includes our energetic…

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National Stress Awareness Month

By admin | April 17, 2018

Written by: Nicole Vangrimbergen, Victim Services Coordinator Many of us get home from work, grab a frozen dinner, toss it in the microwave and pour a glass of wine. Maybe we drop into the local fast food chain because we are in a rush to get to the next commitment, whether its baseball practice for our son or a dance recital for our daughter. Many…

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The Myths & Facts of Stalking

By admin | March 27, 2018

Written by: Maia McCoy, MSW, Victim Services Coordinator Myth #1: Stalking happens only between intimate partners. Fact: It is true that overwhelmingly, stalking victims are stalked by an intimate partner. 44% of male victims and 61% of female victims are stalked by an intimate partner. However, many stalking cases occur between acquaintances. What this means is that neighbors, coworkers, and classmates are also very likely…

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February Employees of the Month: Leslie McPherson & Julie Thomas

By admin | March 12, 2018

Congratulations to Leslie McPherson, Director of Hotline & Volunteer Services, for being voted as Employee of the Month, at Victim Support Services (VSS), for February of 2018. Leslie has been with the agency since June 2013 and began as a volunteer, quickly working her way through the ranks – getting hired on full-time in August of 2014, and landing herself a leadership role at the agency…

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Welcome our new Hotline Advocate, Nicole Vangrimbergen!

By admin | February 7, 2018

Victim Support Services is excited to announce that we hired a new hotline advocate, Nicole Vangrimbergen!  Nicole comes to VSS with a wealth of experience. In the past, she has been a Correctional Custody Officer for the Washington State Department of Corrections, a Case Manager with Pioneer Human Services providing supervision for Federal, United States Probation, and Pre-Trial service offenders, a Watch Commander/Administrative Supervisor for Security…

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Employee of the Month: January 2018

By admin | January 23, 2018

Congratulations to our January Employee of the Month, Janet Quiroga!  Janet has been with VSS since September of 2017 and is our Hotline Advocate, providing primary coverage on the Washington State Crime Victim Service Center Hotline. She is the first one clients speak to when they call seeking services, resources, and crisis intervention.  Her peers describe her as being a team player that always has…

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From the Desk of the Executive Director

By admin | January 22, 2018

Dr. Michaela Weber, Executive Director It’s the New Year and as you read this, I hope that you are all transitioning into 2018 feeling refreshed and relaxed, after spending some quality time with your respective families/friends/loved ones this past holiday season.  Many of you are reflecting on the past and making projections for the upcoming year, and hopefully most of you are jubilant about the…

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Managing Triggers

By admin | January 5, 2018

Written by: Maia McCoy, Victim Services Coordinator The word “trigger” has become so ubiquitous in our vernacular that it has lost meaning. “Trigger” is used when one’s buttons are pushed, when one is vexed, frustrated, or fed up. “I was so triggered.” However, many annoyances do not rise to the level of trauma, and by using this word so often and carelessly, we diminish the…

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