Pet of the Quarter

Written by: Melissa Isenhart, Victim Services Coordinator
Whatcom, Skagit & Island County; Court Facility Dog – All Regions

Allegra is a fitting name, as Alegre in Spanish means “happy.” Allegra is a happy go lucky dog who has many joys in life. She loves getting belly rubs, playing outside, chasing critters, chewing on bones, going swimming in any water she can find, chasing her Frisbee, playing with her squeaky toys, going for boat rides, taking naps and being with her humans. She also loves, more than anything, to go for car rides. No matter how short or long, if she knows we are going somewhere in the car or truck, she wants to go! Allegra also surprisingly LOVES the snow. I say surprisingly, because she was born in Guatemala in 2012 and lived the first three years of her life there. Where she was born and lived in Guatemala it is hot and they do not get snow. But nevertheless, Allegra loves the snow and will spend as much time in it as possible. She loves chasing snowballs and going snowshoeing with us at Mt. Baker.

Allegra was born in September or October of 2012 and in July of 2013, was taken in by Unidos Para Los Animales, a nonprofit animal rescue in Antigua, Guatemala, that rehabilitates animals and finds them their forever homes. Prior to being taken to the rescue, Allegra spent the beginning of her life tied up outside a shack in Antigua. She and another dog spent each day tied up and were completely neglected and ignored by the family that owned them. Allegra and the other dog were thin, seldom fed and watered and had inadequate cover from the elements. This led them to bark all day in frustration. Due to their incessant barking, both dogs were poisoned, likely by the very people who owned them. Luckily, a caring neighbor found both dogs unconscious after being poisoned, and rushed them to the vet, saving their lives. After recovering from the poison, Allegra was spayed and vaccinated and taken to Unidos Para Los Animales where she lived for around 800 days! She became part of their family and benefited from a plethora of training while she was there. In 2015, my husband traveled to Guatemala to visit some friends. While there, he decided to adopt Allegra! He travelled back to the United States alone, and after completing the required paperwork, Allegra made the solo trip from Guatemala to SeaTac airport. She became a Washingtonian in 2015 and has been an integral part of our family ever since!

Allegra goes to work with my husband Derek every day, while our other dog, Davie (Victim Support Services’ facility dog) stays and works with me. Allegra’s work consists of napping under Derek’s desk, but that is where she loves to be. Although we do not know exactly what type of dog she is, we believe she is an Australian Shepherd/Black Lab mix. Davie helps keep Allegra young, as they love to play. And although Allegra doesn’t run half marathons with us anymore like she used to, she still loves to run around and go with us on hikes.

Some of the photos included are Allegra swimming in Lake Whatcom, Allegra and Davie napping, Allegra and Davie playing in the snow, Allegra waiting for belly rubs, a hike to Goat Mountain, Allegra in Derek’s truck and Allegra on the boat.