Summer Safety Tips


Summer is about having fun, being outside and staying cool. Criminals are very aware of this and will use the opportunity to take what is yours. Don’t let them ruin your summer fun. Use and share these tips to help prevent criminals from stealing from you.

  • Even though your car may be hot when you return to it, be sure to roll up your windows all the way. Even a partially rolled down window is enough for criminals to give your car a second look.
  • Be sure to lock your car doors, even if it is sitting in your driveway or garage. Criminals know the ways to steal your car – fast!
  • Never leave valuables in your car. The best bet is to take what you need and leave the rest at home. For men, carry your wallet in your front pocket. For women, put your license and one credit/debit card in a small tote or in your pocket if you plan to be out hiking or walking.
  • Put your garage door opener out of sight. Many of us carry our car registration in our car so if it gets broken into a criminal not only has accessed your car but now has your address and an easy entry to your garage.
  • When you attend a picnic or BBQ, never leave your purse, camera or cell phone lying on the table. It is fast and easy for a criminal to just walk in and out of a crowd.
  • Keep your home windows and doors locked at all times, especially when you are outside working in the yard or playing in the water.
  • If you need to keep windows open for ventilation on those hot summer days and nights, visit your local hardware store to find security hardware for windows and sliders. A sturdy stick will also do but make sure an arm cannot reach through and pull it out to gain access.
  • Close your garage door, even when working outside. You stand to lose tools or worse yet, criminals have an easy access inside your home.
  • Put in motion detection outdoor lights. You become more aware of a light coming on than one that is always on.
  • Purchase a disc brake lock for your ATV or dirt bike.
  • Engrave your driver’s license number or other identifying numbers (NEVER your social security number) on your bicycle for easy identification should it get stolen.

A few precautions put in place will help to make your summer less stressful. Don’t let criminals get in the way of enjoying all there is to do this summer.