Stress Awareness

Written By: Jennifer Kloesel, Information and Referral Specialist

Stress is a common factor that we all share in life. We can experience stress when we are at work, at home, driving, and even at the grocery store. Stress can be associated with positive events: the birth of a child, going to an amusement park, or playing a game. Negative stress, on the other hand, is the type of stress that is unwelcome and is linked to events that are not so joyous. Since stress is so common and can have some adverse effects on your body, April has been made Stress Awareness Month to make people mindful of the dangers that too much negative stress can cause a person.

The first thing to be aware of is the symptoms that come with stress. You need to be able to recognize when you’re feeling stressed so that you can take the appropriate steps to manage it. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, the following are the top symptoms that can come from stress:

                Once you are able to acknowledge that you are dealing with stress, then you are able to start trying to cope with it. There are numerous ways to combat stress and the strategies used will vary from person to person. Exercise, reading, playing, cooking, listening to music, outdoor activities, and taking a hot bath are just a few common stress coping strategies that people employ. Remember, if you are experiencing these symptoms due to stress and are having difficulty finding a strategy that helps you cope, seek help from a medical professional. They can help you develop safe coping skills specifically for you.