Pet of the Quarter

Captain Jack Weber (Captain) is one of six rescued fuzz kids belonging to Michaela Weber (VSS ED). Originally from Las Cruces, New Mexico, his journey to his new life began in May of 2021 in El Paso, Texas, when he was adopted by The Webers and driven across the Country to his new home in Birmingham, Alabama.

Captain is a mixed breed – everything but the kitchen sink, according to his DNA test, although his most dominant genes are Lab and St. Bernard. Technically that makes him a “Labernard” or a “St. Berandor” J You would not know it by looking at him, though. He is very stout and muscular but has super short legs!

Captain recently celebrated his 2nd birthday (March 24, 2022). Within his first year in our family, Cappy (as we affectionately call him) has been to 18 states already! He is a little road traveler and aspires to visit all, very soon.

He is closest to his oldest brother, Baxter, often shadowing him wherever he goes. He is a very easy-going fella, and only barks when he is playing with friends or sees that a car ride is in the works. He loves to snuggle – especially with mommy.

His favorite treat is peanut butter and his favorite beverage is Butterscotch Beer.

Okay, not really on the Butter Beer, but he sure looks cute next to one!

Captain loves water and playing “fight club” with his older brothers in the backyard.  He also lives for car rides, and enjoys riding up front because….well, he is El Capitan!