Ms. Foster’s Class

Recently we had Ms. Foster, a volunteer at a summer safety program for teens, reach out to us to let us know about a very useful safe driving website that one of the teens in the program found.

Ms. Foster is teaching the teens in her summer safety program, “that safety is important in our lives in order to protect ourselves and others, and that safety issues surround us in everything that we do.”

Ms. Foster shared with us how proud she is of one of her students for going above and beyond in one of their lessons. Her student spoke about road safety responsibility of all road users, and found an article that goes into detail about distracted driving and how to stay tuned in when tired.

As a way to reinforce her creativity Ms. Foster suggested the website her student found be shared with Victim Support Services, to show her how useful the information she found is to VSS and all drivers everywhere.

Thank you Ms. Foster, and thank you to your amazing students for understanding the importance of safe driving. Click the link below to find the website her student found!