Brian Miller

Brian Miller
July 2nd, 1969 – July 21st, 1979

On July 21st 1979, Brian Miller, age 10, was camping in Snohomish County with his parents and younger sister. His older sister had remained in town. That day had been beautiful, sunny and the Snohomish campground was crowded.
It was later that afternoon when Brian’s family found that little Brian was missing and a search began. Sadly, Brian’s lifeless body was found under a bridge. It was determined that he was a victim of homicide. Eventually, a man who was also camping that day was arrested and charged with Brian’s murder.
Brian’s parents reached out to Family and Friends for support and guidance to help them deal with the brutal murder. Steven Brooks was convicted of first degree murder. Advocates from Family and Friends supported the Miller family before and during the trial and sentencing. After Brian’s death the Miller family became active in the organization. Brian’s mother volunteered for Family and Friends and served on its board of directors.
Five years later, the conviction was overturned by the State Supreme Court. The Miller family again received support from Family and Friends during the second trial that also resulted in a guilty verdict. In some ways, the second trial was more difficult for the family then the first, because by then, they had begun their healing process. As an adult, Brian’s sister went on to volunteer for Family and Friends along with her daughter. In 2000, she took over as Executive Director. When the Indeterminate Sentence Review Board considered the parole of the perpetrator, Brian’s sister addressed the board on her brother’s behalf. By then, Brian’s parents had deceased but Family and Friends submitted a Victim Impact Statement on their behalf. The parole was denied. He remains an inmate in the state of Washington.