June Pet of the Month

Hailing from the great State of Washington is June’s Pet of The Month – Murphy Gene Weber! Adopted at 6 months old as a Rescue from a neglect case, Murphy was welcomed into the Weber family and has been building his legacy, since.

At 4 years old, weighing in at 85 llbs, he is the world’s silliest giant Australian Labradoodle! His favorite pastimes include rides, cross-country travel, exploring the great outdoors, ball retrieval, hide-and-seek, helping Daddy with yard work and car stuff, counter surfing to steal large vegetables, and barking at everyone to tell them about all of these experiences! He has traveled to 25 states so far, and to Canada.

When interviewed for this article, Murphy shared the following facts about himself with VSS media:

Nicknames? – TOO MANY! Moofy, Moofs, Thunder Beetle, Chee-Chee face, Skeetle, Puppy Chow, Princess, Genie, etc., etc.

Birthday? – February 10, 2017…..Aquarius rules, everyone else drools! But not me – I’m too fancy to drool.

Siblings? – Yes, 3 canine brothers, but I’m the only one who matters, so let’s stay on track here.

Greatest accomplishment to date: Being featured in three calendars because I am a handsome boiii!

Favorite treats: Chickie nuggies, duhhh!

Worst Fear: A tie between thunderstorms and being left behind when the car leaves the garage.

Favorite hooman?: Daddy! (Please don’t tell Mommy though, because her ears and elbow rubs are the best!)

Well, there you have it, folks.  Congrats to Murphy for being June’s Pet of the Month!