January Pet of the Month

Josephine is January’s Pet of the Month and this is an award long overdue! Though her stature might fool you, she is one tough cookie. Back in October she went in for spinal surgery and has made a FULL recovery! Not bad for a six-pound little thing. Now she is back to doing all of her favorite activities: running after her cousins (who are 16 times her size), eating all the food she can, and giving away all the love she has.

Josephine resides in Texas since the Washington weather is too cold for her southern blood… also the bald eagles might mistake her for an afternoon snack… Though she is miles away from her mother- Jennifer our Volunteer Coordinator- she ensures she spends every second with her when she comes home to visit. In fact, even when she was not feeling good, she made sure she gave mom all the kisses in the world regardless of the pain she was in; now that is what I call Pet of the Month Material!