Criminal homicide is the unlawful killing of another.

  • Manslaughter- the unlawful killing of another without malice
  • Murder- the unlawful killing of another human being with intent, malice, or malice aforethought
  • Included is the non-violent offense of controlled substance homicide

Homicide is devastating for families and friends of the loved one who was murdered. The grief process will not be the same as it might be for someone who died in another way. There are many complications in the bereavement because of the violence involved in a homicide such as:

  • The victim’s relationship with their family and friends.
  • The sudden, violent way in which the death occurs.
  • There is a belief that the people left behind eventually “just need to get on with life”.
  • Financial strain on those left behind

The community in which the victim was part of is also affected. Not only could the victim have had relationships with the community but there also fear that they may be in danger too. Sometimes there is a disregard for the impact of the crime on the community as it rallies to assist the family.