Former VSS Volunteer Awarded by Seattle Federal Executive Board

Left to right: Chaun Benjamin Chair of SFEB, Maureen Causing, Robert McKenna former State Atty. General, and RADM David Throop, Commander Coast Guard District Thirteen.

We are proud to announce that former VSS volunteer, Maureen Causing, was awarded the Public Service Recognition Medal on May 8, 2019 at the Celebration of Public Service through the Seattle Federal Executive Board!

The Celebration of Public Service is the Seattle Federal Executive Board’s most highly regarded event. The purpose of the event is to recognize outstanding deeds of public service. Individuals and teams are nominated for exceptional accomplishments achieved during this past year. Nominations need to describe contributions made by the employee or team of employees that far exceed normal expectations. 

Annually, they celebrate the Federal Community and various outstanding accomplishments in public service. The ceremony recognizes the ideals and dedication to service that brought individuals and teams to this day. The Honorees’ passion for service allows them to reach out collectively to Veterans and Wounded Warriors. They focus on transportation needs along with environmental, food and safety concerns. The planning encompasses the needs of individuals with a disability, homeless individuals and families, and public safety for the community. Their positions vary; however, each one exemplifies leadership and compassion. Because of them, they have a strong bond of service.

Maureen came to VSS in July 2018 eager to learn and help those individuals that have been hurt or harmed by general crime. Employed by the U.S. Coast Guard, Maureen is a Victim Advocate helping those who have been victimized by sexual violence, as well as a Critical Incident Stress Management Peer. During her time at VSS, Maureen dedicated 745 on-call hours on the 24-hour statewide hotline, providing emotional support, crisis intervention, resources, and more.  Additionally, Maureen helped out at client and fundraising events, as well as other community events.

We are extremely grateful to Maureen for all she did for victims of crime.  She has a heart of gold, and always made us laugh when present. We sure will miss Maureen but she will always be part of the VSS team.

Congratulations, Maureen, this award is WELL deserved.  We are so proud of you!