February Employee of the Month

VSS is recognizing Leslie McPherson as Employee of the Month for February! Leslie started her journey at VSS almost 8 years ago as a volunteer, and was quickly thereafter brought on to the team as a full-time employee. Her passion for the work, combined with her widespread skill set and grit, led her to wearing several different hats at the organization. Leslie spear-headed the creation and implementation of the agency’s Statewide Hotline program in early 2016, and since then has taken over the direction of the Victim Services and Education programs. This past year has proven difficult for many – VSS is no exception. Under Leslie’s guidance, the Direct Services and Training team was able to come together and truly support each other while transitioning to a remote model of service, and all the while maintaining the quality and integrity of the services that have been provided by VSS for over 46 years.

Here is what the team had to say about Leslie: “Leslie is just the best. She is the best mentor and I would be absolutely lost in my role without her!” 

“She has been working really hard to support us as a team and has also provided extra support to me which is very much appreciated! :-)”

“Leslie is such a vital part of the organization. Not only does she oversee the day-to-day programming, but she is also a great mentor to the VSCs. I feel blessed to have her as a supervisor.”

On a more personal note, Leslie is known around the office for her hearty laugh and her love of iced coffees!

CONGRATS LESLIE! Thank you for exemplifying VSS’s core values every day!