Crime Victim Survey Opportunity

Claremont Graduate University are looking for people who have recently experienced a violent crime (approximately within the last 4 months) to participate. They are interested in victims’ thoughts, opinions and beliefs about their experience. From this, they are hoping to learn how victims’ thoughts, opinions and beliefs change over the next year especially the different ways people interpret and deal with their experience.

The study is being run by Ph.D. student David Slomo M.A. and is being overseen by professor Allen Omoto Ph.D. The study will last over the course of a year and participants will take one survey every 3-4 months. Participants will be compensated for each survey they take. All information provided in the surveys will be kept completely confidential. Each survey takes about 40 min to complete and can be taken online whenever they feel comfortable.

Please note that Victim Support Services is not conducting this survey, we are simply providing information about the opportunity to those who may be interested.

Below is a flyer with more information that breaks down the compensation for each survey.