Congratulations to our October Employees of the Month!

Kimi Nolte, Lead Victim Services Coordinator is once again our Employee of the Month – tying with our Victim Service Coordinator, Rachel Martinez!

Kimi is a strong leader in the agency and in the communities she serves. Her work is always victim-centered. She is a very strong advocate for the clients she serves and she ensures their voices are heard and their hearts are supported when the unthinkable strikes.

Kimi has a Masters of Public Health and a Masters of Social Work from the University of Missouri. She has been working in victim advocacy for ten years, starting as a hospital advocate.

Lately, Kimi has been working tirelessly teaching free ID Theft classes around the Pacific Northwest. Helping victims of ID Theft is one of her favorite parts of her job. She enjoys the challenge of helping victims through a very complex process of regaining their financial security after such an invasive crime. Through this work, she has become our resident expert on this difficult crime type. We are lucky to have Kimi as part of our team.

Our second employee of the month, for the month of October, is King County Victim Services Coordinator, Rachel Martinez!

Rachel has been the King County Victim Services Coordinator for three months and what an asset she has been! It was only a matter of time until she was voted Employee of the Month by her peers.

Her peers noted her positive attitude and her flexibility when working with clients. Rachel jumps right in to help with large events and we really appreciate her team work. Rachel also takes initiative to learn new things when she doesn’t know something about her role. On top of her case load, she has been doing a large amount of outreach with local law enforcement and community agencies. When Rachel isn’t making King County a better place, she is staying active by hiking or boxing.

Congratulations, Rachel! We feel so lucky to have her on our VSS team.