August Pet of the Month

Well hello there, Friends!

My name is Teddy Kevin Weber, but I go by Ted, Teds, Theodore, Teddy-Spaghetti, and Spaghetti-ooo. I live in Helena, Alabama. I was adopted from Aurora, MO, in August 2020, when I came to live with my ‘Fur-ever People’ and my furry siblings (I have 3!) I am 50% Great Pyrenees, 25% Siberian Husky, and 25% Alaska Malamute…. that explains why I’m so good looking, eh?! 😉

I am somewhere around 2 years old – no one really knows my birthday because I was rescued from the outdoor chain life, and not much was known about me at the time. My life now is amazing – I get to do ALL the things I love the most…. namely, basking in the sun outside for a few hours out of each day, walking the perimeter of my yard (aka Border Patrol), chewing on bones n’ stuff, playing in my pool, lazing around on the household furniture, going for rides, and visiting friends at doggo daycare sometimes. I LOOOOVE to dig holes, but for some reason, my humans don’t like it when I do it in the back yard. Mom says I’m a lot like a cat, always changing my sleeping spots. I especially love sleeping in bathtubs!

My parents say I am super chill and easy-going…I love everything and everyone. I have not met a stranger, yet! I do love to “talk” sometimes and I occasionally howl and “roo roo” really loud, for no apparent reason. I love to travel with my siblings, and my favorite place so far is definitely Badlands National Park. There is SO much to see and smell, there!