A Report on Our Special Training Grant

In late March 2018, Victim Support Services was the recipient of a special grant from Washington state that covered training to community members and professionals around the state who work with crime victims. The grant lasted 6 months – beginning April 1 and ending on September 30. For the six month period, VSS provided continuing education classes to 776 professionals around the state, and Core Victim Services Academy to 51 Victim Advocates around the state. We ran one Academy in Wenatchee, one in Kennewick and two in Everett.

The most popular continuing education class was Emotional Wellness for the Helping Professional. The grant was a huge success and we were able to provide training to many professionals around the state who may otherwise not have been able to access in-person training.

Additionally, we provided ID Theft and Fraud classes to community members in local libraries. These classes are still continuing and are free to any community members who wish to attend.

Victim Support Services is a leader in Washington state when it comes to training community professionals. We are proud of the heritage and look forward to providing training to many more community professionals in the future.

If you are interested in any training Victim Support Services provides, you can email Julie at [email protected].