A New Year – A New Beginning

The “New Year” signifies for many a “new” beginning, starting a “new” resolution or just simply a way to change their thinking for the future. For many it brings excitement to try something new, for others angst about what was not accomplished in the past year.  For those who are used to setting daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals, New Year’s is just another day in their life. Then there are those who wish we could set goals and succeed at them. Whatever your thinking about news year’s resolutions  or goals this a great time of the year to think about making positive change in our lives, being proactive about what the future holds for us. That way we are at least working towards something, right?

So, how do we make goals or resolutions that are lasting, ones that we can have success with and feel good about as we enter the year of 2013?

*       Keep it simple. Don’t set resolutions or goals that are not attainable.

*       Start small. Take baby steps.

*       Make your goals meaningful to you, not someone else’s ideas of what

they should be.

*       Celebrate success no matter how small it is.

*       Love ourselves along the way and expect to hit rough patches. It won’t all be

smooth and easy. As with anything in life, there will be the moving forward, the

standing still and even taking a few steps backwards.

*       Enjoy reaching your goals. Make goals that bring you joy.

Some other ideas for making 2013 a year to remember:

*      Love more

*      Judge less

*      Laugh as often as you can

*      Let things go so you can enjoy the present

*      Be open to change

*      Get rid of guilt – It does not serve you

*      Face fear head on

*      Model love, forgiveness and acceptance in yourself and others

*      Be the kind of person you want others to be to you

Wishing you all a year filled with joyful memories!