A Letter of Appreciation to all Volunteers

Written by: Leslie McPherson, Director of Hotline & Volunteer Services
I would like to take a moment to deviate from our usual style of posting to thank all of the wonderful volunteers who devote their personal time to Victim Support Services.
Whether it be the individual who selflessly spends hours on-call in the wee hours of the night listening to the trauma that individuals in our community have suffered, or the school teacher that takes time off of work to attend a community event, thank you.
I would like to extend a personal thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers who have helped make many of VSS’s projects and events possible. To all those who took the time to commit, your support and effort are truly appreciated. To each and every one of you, who are reading this, and taking an interest in the work that we do, thank you.
Additionally, I would like to extend my thankfulness to all volunteers both within and outside of the agency. I am truly appreciative of those individuals who dedicate their time to educating our community on our services and bringing more awareness to the cause. Volunteers comes in all ways, shapes, and forms.
At times, as a volunteer you may question the extent of the impact that your time and efforts have had. The days can feel unending, and the work is not easy. Please always remember that what you are doing is making a huge difference, and providing a voice to victims of crime.  Thank you for your courage and your conviction, for leaving behind all that is familiar and comfortable to serve others. Thank you for your compassion and your awareness, for seeing the need and responding. Thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge to help improve lives and build the capacity of those who have not had the same opportunity – but thank you also for knowing that the experiences you will live and the people you will encounter will teach you more than you could have imagine.  Thank you for your patience, respect and perseverance, change is never easy. But most of all thank you for your kindness, care and love and for being the inspiration the world needs.