A Letter from Our Founder

Dear Reader,

Can you imagine the pain of a mother’s first holiday season without her child?  Can you imagine the tragedy of a missing daughter, a murder, the attempt to keep a smile on one’s face because it is Christmas and there are other children to tend to?  This is the story of Lola Linstad, the founder of Victim Support Services.  

Many people are experiencing their first Christmas as a crime victim or as a survivor.  Others are experiencing their 20th or 50th and still struggling.  Lola chose to use her pain to create an organization that would ensure that others don’t suffer alone.  She showed tremendous courage and kindness.

You have the opportunity to help those who are suffering.  Please read Lola’s story and consider contributing to efforts to bring peace to those who are in pain this holiday season and throughout the year.  All donations will be matched by best-selling crime novelist, Robert Dugoni and his wife Cristina so your donation will have twice the impact. You can be the reason that someone has the resources they need and their faith in humanity is restored. 

You can donate through our website or Facebook.

In Profound Gratitude,

Anne Anderson