2022 Employee of the Year

At the heart of every nonprofit, is its dedicated staff who show up every single day, putting their energy and their soul into meaningful work, to improve the lives of others in one way or another. Victim Support Services is no exception to this. And while we strive to consistently show each and every team member our appreciation for the amazing qualities and abilities that they bring to the table, at the end of each year, one is singled out for the coveted title of “Employee of The Year”, by a vote from VSS staff and Board members.

This year’s esteemed winner was chosen by her colleagues for “representing VSS with such enthusiastic energy. In these times especially, it is not only essential to work diligently, but it is likewise crucial to be kind while you are at it, and she does both wonderfully!” In addition, it has been said that “her work ethic and consistent above-bar performance is an inspiration to all of us!”

One colleague stated that she is worthy of the Award because of her “positive attitude and she demonstrates professionalism at all times – a stellar ambassador for the VSS brand” and according to another, she is “always displaying pride for the agency and the community we serve, and bringing innovative ideas to the table. You just know that she is someone who wakes up every day, excited to face new challenges at work. She goes the extra mile to make sure that VSS is always working to advance its mission, and providing the best services to the community. Her dedication to the agency is commendable.

The 2022 VSS Employee of The Year Award goes to…Leslie McPherson, Programs Administrator!

Leslie McPherson holding Employee of the Year Award.

Leslie has been with VSS for over 8 years as a staff member, and has consistently excelled as she has progressed throughout her career. She has an incredibly demanding position, heading up the direct services and outreach, as well as our nationally accredited CORE training program. In addition, she plays a key role in planning the organization’s fundraising activities. This made all the difference for one voter who stated, “Leslie did an amazing job taking lead on the Fall Ball.”

Despite an often-overflowing plate of responsibility, Leslie never fails to deliver her work to the best of standards. She consistently demonstrates a high level of commitment to the organization’s values and this, combined with her witty character and clever clap backs, has a positive and influential impact on the work environment.

As a leader, Leslie instinctively makes time to coach and mentor others, and at the same time, she holds deep respect for each of her colleagues, and often credits them for helping her strive for improvement at every level. One voter summed it up nicely: “Boots on the ground Leadership. Can’t replace that.

Throughout her career at VSS, Leslie has faced challenges that would have tempted many to throw in the towel and move on. Yet she persevered. She accepted each obstacle and grew from them, shaping her into an even more effective and accomplished professional who is always focused on the goal, without repel.

Over the years, Leslie has been repeatedly described by her colleagues as “trustworthy, a person of integrity, dependable, proactive, and very funny” and I suspect we could all agree that Leslie is not merely “doing her job well”, but rather, she is working to make a HUGE difference in our community and for crime victims as a whole. She is leaving a legacy.

In honor of her exceptional contributions and inspirational leadership, we proudly award Leslie McPherson as VSS’s 2022 Employee of The Year! CONGRATS, Leslie!