Welcome to the team, Liberty!

Victim Support Services is pleased to announce a new member to our team, Liberty!

Liberty will be working as our Community Support Coordinator under the new Community Support Program (CSP) which is funded through a Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) that VSS was recently awarded. The CSP is designed to address the distinctive needs of victims and survivors of violent crime. The Community Support Program will include FREE trauma-informed support groups, workshops, and other related activities, for eligible participants. Through these support groups and activities, we aim to create a safe space where individuals can come together to share their experiences, find solace, and build connections with others who have faced similar challenges.

In the past, Liberty has worked as a Foreign Correspondent for two years with bases in Japan, Australia, the Netherlands, and aboard a ship in the Mediterranean, she owned and operated a coffee shop in Alaska for five years, and is a photojournalist by trade. She is also a certified ACE’s instructor, life coach, and grief counselor.

In her spare time, Liberty enjoys kayaking, paddle boarding, packrafting and taking walks in the forest on rainy days. She has also been involved with VSS for many years, supporting events, volunteering her time, making sure other community members know about our services, and she even spoke at our Fall Ball event back in November 2022.

When we asked Liberty what she looked forward to most about working for Victim Support Services, she said, “I’ve been involved with VSS for more than a decade (2012 in Bellingham) and have seen firsthand the importance of this organization. As my work within the restorative justice world has expanded, VSS has remained the group I’m most passionate about. To work for them in an official capacity is an honor. I’m excited to see how we can learn and grow together.”

Welcome, Liberty, we are thrilled to have you join the VSS team!