VSS Volunteers

As you all know, here at Victim Support Services, volunteers are a very important part of our work. Volunteers donate their time, talents, and energy selflessly and make a huge difference in the lives of crime victims. With that said, please take a moment to get to know our newest volunteers, Rana and Kenisa.


Kenisa was a volunteer with victim support services in 2019, and recently returned to volunteer with us again!

Here is what Kenisa shared about herself:

A little about me, I love spending time with my family, and traveling.

I am currently studying Psychology and hope to obtain my masters degree in the near future!

I enjoy volunteering at Victim Support Services and helping those in need! 


Rana started volunteering with VSS in April.

Here is what she had to share about herself:

Hello, my name is Rana and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California by my two Persian parents.  

I recently graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Criminal Justice. For about two years, I have known that I wanted my career to involve helping victims for three reasons; the first reason being that I was a victim of crime. My empathy and experience are what drives me to help victims know that what happened to you does not define you. The second reason is that I know way too many people, including close friends and family, that have been victims of crime. I have heard traumatic stories from loved ones who were not heard, acknowledged, or believed that they were hurting instead of healing. The last reason is that even though the system fails victims sometimes, I want them to know that they can turn to victim services.

My education at Seattle University consisted of many classes such as victimology that helped me understand the different dynamics and circumstances in which people are victimized in society. My professors, as they helped me with insight on how the criminal justice system lacks in helping survivors/victims. Through all my classes I learned that advocacy is a huge part of supporting and empowering those who have to make tough choices to feel what is best for them. I also learned that everyone’s situation is different and to keep an open mind is crucial to make victims/survivors feel safe and cared for.

When I am not pursuing my career, I enjoy going to the gym, cooking, talking with my friends, going to museums, listening to music, and drawing. I also have a kitten named Ziggy who keeps me very busy and happy.  

Thank you Rana and Kenisa for your commitment to VSS and the work we do. You are making a difference, and your efforts are truly appreciated!