Today is National Boss’s Day!

Boss’s Day is a day for employees to thank their bosses for being kind and fair throughout the year, and acknowledge all that they do. Here at Victim Support Services we have an amazing, fearless leader, Dr. Michaela Weber, who goes above and beyond for crime victims and her team every single day.  

Dr. Michaela Weber

In honor of Boss’s Day, each VSS rock star took a moment to write some words about our amazing leader of the pack, Michaela. Check out what staff had to say below!

“Michaela is an incredible boss! She is flexible for her employees and guides us to do the best work we can do. I feel very lucky to have her in my life, both professionally and personally. Thank you Michaela for everything you do for us and Happy Boss’s Day!
~ChewBeng Woodcock, Accounts Manager
“Michaela has been the best boss anyone could ever ask for! She stepped up to take over during a time of a lot of change and transition in our organization, and I have always felt 100% supported by her. She works tirelessly to make sure VSS stays afloat and does everything in her power to make sure we can continue to fulfill our mission of serving crime victims, even with lots of changes to our funding and operations due to COVID and other unforeseen changes, I hope she never leaves! She is such a great leader and keeps things moving efficiently and effectively. She is also very thoughtful and does an amazing job of creating fun team building and self-care experiences, even though we are working remotely. She truly goes above and beyond to make this a wonderful place to work and to create a trusting team. I feel lucky to have Michaela as our boss and hope that we continue as our amazing team, with Michaela as our leader, for many years to come!”
~Melissa Isenhart, Victim Services Coordinator, K-9 Unit
“Michaela is the best Executive Director that Victim Support Services could have. She treats all staff equally and strives to create leaders out of all the members of her team. It is an honor to work for someone who puts their employees’ well-being first.”
~Janet Quiroga, Hotline Manager
“When I think about what makes a great leader, these types of qualities come to mind: Great communicator, has a vision for the organization, shows gratitude and empathy, is responsible and dependable, provides inspiration, is authentic and open-minded….just to name a few. Michaela is a shining example of these qualities, and more. She is a great leader not only when things are going well for the organization, but also when faced with challenges. VSS, as a whole, is extremely lucky to have Michaela as the Executive Director. Thank you for all you do, Michaela! Happy Boss’s Day!”
~Janine Daniels-Moore, Victim Services Coordinator 
“Michaela has been nothing short of supportive (with a splash of hilarious ;)) ever since I joined the VSS family. She takes her job very seriously and it shows in everything she does including how you treat those who work for/with you. She is reliable, trustworthy and above all else, a boss I always hoped and prayed I’d end up with!”
~MaryKate Lesar, Information & Referral Specialist 
“Thank you Michaela for being so supportive and caring for your team.  Anyone who works with you can tell that you truly feel they are a part of your family!  I appreciate your care, thoughtfulness, and great sense of humor!”
~Kaili Brown, Victim Services Coordinator
“I have never worked for someone that believes in me as much as Michaela does.  Michaela provides invaluable opportunities for growth and has instilled confidence in me that I never knew I had.  VSS has been through a lot, and if Michaela wasn’t here to lead us, I’m not sure where VSS would be. She provides a welcoming, safe, enjoyable, positive and humorous work environment.  Furthermore, she understands that we are human and although the work that we do is extremely important, we also have personal lives that we need to prioritize and tend to. We can’t help others if we don’t take care of ourselves, so I’m grateful to Michaela for always encouraging us to take care of our mental health. Saying “thank you” is simply not enough for all that Michaela does.”
~Leslie McPherson, Programs Administrator

Thank you, Michaela!