Kenneth Wolfe

Kenneth Wolfe
April 2nd, 1961 – February 26th, 2008

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Who was Kenneth? He was the middle child of 5 and the first born son. He was fun-loving, loyal, witty at times, and quite vocal about everything. He loved, among other things, fast cars and Beatles music. He would argue and fight with us as siblings usually do, but he would be the first to defend us in any situation. We grew up moving around a lot, so we only really had our immediate family for many years. We enjoyed many good times over the years. There was many a time that we would come home from school and play Canasta long into the evening.
Kenneth had endured many hardships over the years, but had turned his life around in the last 3 years. He had moved back to Washington and was looking forward to getting to know his siblings and their families again and making new memories. He was able to enjoy spending time with his daughter and his grandkids, they were the light of his life and he was there whenever they needed him without a question. The kids are at a loss as to why someone would do this to their papa, it just makes no sense to them at all.
On February 26, 2008 our entire family was forever changed by the senseless act of violence by one person. A man renting an apartment from Kenneth was angry that night and was determined to take his anger out on someone. He chose to hit Kenneth, knocking him unconscious, and killing him in the process. A parent is not supposed to have to bury their child no matter what age; needless to say our parents are completely overwhelmed with grief at the loss. We have all felt lost and unsure how to move forward.
Kenneth’s death was the beginning of the nightmare that we have had to endure. In July, the defendant pleaded guilty to a modified plea of 2nd Degree Manslaughter and then August 7th was sentenced to a mere 27 months in prison for his actions. We now get to live with the knowledge that true justice was not served. But, we will try to do something good in Kenneth’s memory by trying to help change things to ensure that no other family has to endure the same sort of nightmare.
Families and Friends helped support the family through the hearings and the sentencing, and continues to help them with their pursuit of justice for Kenneth.