Jay Clements

Jay Clements
July 14th, 1985 – September 3rd, 2006

Jay Clements, age 21, was a 2003 graduate of Kamiak High School and had recently started his senior year at the University of Puget Sound. He was pursuing dual degrees in communications and exercise science. Jay wrote on his personal website that he was interested in a career in broadcast media or public relations but also had aspirations of becoming a professional snowboarder. He was an avid athlete with a passion for adventure who also enjoyed photography and sailing. His father said that he had recently earned a 2nd degree black belt in tae kwon do.
On September 3rd, 2006 Jay met with several others for a quiet celebration at a friend’s house. Shortly after 2:00 AM, a fight broke out in the front yard of this house and in the surrounding cul-de-sac. The fight involved approximately 15 uninvited young adults who showed up, apparently at the request of a guest who had been asked to leave the gathering earlier. Jay stepped into the fray to encourage people to stop fighting. The other party guests locked themselves in the house when they heard gun shots. They had no idea that their friend was still outside and was critically injured until after the police arrived. The shooter had fired first above the crowd and then into the crowd, killing Jay. Ironically, his friends would later describe Jay as a “peacemaker”.
Jay’s circle of friends were a “great group of kids” who occasionally held formal wear themed parties to discourage unwelcome guests, Jay’s father said. “A lot of the folks who liked to crash parties don’t like to get dressed up” he said.
Jay Clements is survived by his parents and a 16 year old brother. “It’s a horrible tragedy for us personally, but also for the kids that were there” Jay’s father said, adding that he also feels for the shooter.
Family and Friends were there for Jay’s family with courtroom support.