Brian Hart

Brian Hart
May 17th, 1972 – August 17th, 1997

On August 17th, 1997 at 3:15 AM I received a phone call… “Brian is dead”. My life stopped. Just 25 years old. Brian was gone. That day, he had attended a family reunion with his brother and then gone to an evening wedding with his wife. A group from the wedding party went out afterwards to spend some time together. When the evening ended, so did Brian’s life.
Brian was a happy, loving and kind person. He loved life and spent his time trying to experience as much as possible. He tried to “fly like Superman” when he was two, broke his arm and ended up in traction for 3 weeks. He wanted to participate in every sport that came along… swimming, basketball, baseball, soccer and football. He played bass in a Jazz Ensemble.
Brian’s professional life was just starting. He had transferred to Portland for a promotion from Nordstrom. He was a Loss Prevention manager and had been given his own store. He was working his way up the corporate ladder and getting recognized for his efforts. He had just confided in me that within the year he should be able to get transferred back to state of Washington. He and his wife hoped to start a family. A mother’s wish, about to come true.
I could not breathe, I could not think, I could not live in my own skin. I turned to Families & Friends. They listened, they consoled, they supported… over and over again as many times as I needed. They were there