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The Symptoms of Chronic Stress, Part 2

Written by: Julie Thomas, Director of Victim Services and Training What is stress anyway? Is it bad, is it good? Stress is simply the non-specific response of the body to anything in life which causes people to have to adjust or alter attention, behavior and/or demands of energy. It is a survival mechanism. Stress, when properly managed, is constructive…

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy….Part 1 of the Symptoms of Stress

Written by: Julie Thomas, Director of Victim Services and Training Are you a worrier?  That is a question I ask participants in my Emotional Wellness classes that I teach for VSS.  Inevitably many slowly raise their hands, some blurt out, “Oh Yes!” “Are you kidding?” “Lifelong worrier.”  Worrying in this day and age almost seems to…

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National Stress Awareness Month

Written by: Nicole Vangrimbergen, Victim Services Coordinator Many of us get home from work, grab a frozen dinner, toss it in the microwave and pour a glass of wine. Maybe we drop into the local fast food chain because we are in a rush to get to the next commitment, whether its baseball practice for…

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