Pet of the Quarter

Meet Calvin and Pippin!

Affectionately known as “The Littles”, Calvin George and Pippin Jo are the youngest of the Weber canine pack of six. Our Executive Director is heavily involved in animal rescue in her personal time, and her pack has tripled over the past 2 years!

Born just before Christmas of 2021, these adorable siblings came from Louisiana to join the Weber household in February of this year. They are typical young Aussiedoodles – full of energy, intelligent, bouncy, and affectionate.

Pippin is the first girl in her current pack, and is fast becoming the little boss woman of the group. She loves collecting sticks and playing in her doggo sandbox when she is in the yard. Calvin is slightly more reserved than his sister is, but also enjoys playing outdoors with his canine friends.

Both Littles are very fast on their feet, and jump as if there is not a bone in their body. Maybe one day they can try their paws in agility training! They are learning to be comfortable with water, and frequent a saltwater pool to cool off on those hot summer nights in the southeast. Both also love a car ride, and venturing to new places, as long as they are with their ‘people’. Much like their older brothers, the have an intense love for ‘chickie nuggies’ and are starting to learn that a drive-thru is a gold mine for those!