Christopher Williamson

Christopher Williamson
March 25th, 2006

My son, Christopher was 21 years old when he was taken so suddenly from me.  He was a quiet person and therefore I always worried about him making friends.  He spent hours on the computer, but little did I know the amount of people he was building  beautiful friendships with. Through one of those friendships Chris found his passion, music. He became a DJ at raves and spent most of his time helping teenagers with problems too big for them to handle alone.  Drugs, suicide, horrific home lives was a large part of the world these kids lived in.  Chris gave them hope and his friendship.
One Friday night he had taken two young girls to a friend’s house in order to try and find them a ride home.  He called the next morning at 6:30 A.M. saying he would be home soon. Little did I know that 1/2 later he would be shot and killed along with five others in one of Seattle’s worst mass murders. At 7:01 A.M. March 25th, 2006 my life changed forever.
I feel very thankful there was an organization that existed like Families & Friends of Violent Crime Victims. I had no where to turn. The person I am today has a lot to do with all of the love and support I got from my victim advocate. She made me feel that I was not alone through this nightmare. I cannot say enough about having a advocate by my side. Thank you so much!