Written by: Janet Quiroga, Hotline Advocate
On November 1-2, the Victim Support Services team had the privilege to be a part of an ISPI workshop hosted by Roger Addison, Tim Hunt, and Leanne Jensen. VSS was selected, out of many programs throughout 46 countries, to receive this FREE service from the ISPI. This is their 3rd year doing this project. The goal is to perform an in-depth study into VSS’s fundraising plan(s) and strategies, based on hard numbers and statistics. The results of this research will be presented (by key members of our group) at the ISPI Global conference which will take place next April in Seattle, and the results will also be published in the ISPI research journal that is put out annually. Additionally, each key member of the team (up to 5 total members) will receive a complimentary one-year Gold membership to the ISPI community.
What is ISPI? ISPI stands for, International Society for Performance Improvement. ISPI will be helping our organization make a difference to our stakeholders. They will be providing tools and strategies for effective and universal improvement. As their purpose statement says, they will help our team “create bigger impact, make greater contributions, and, ultimately, make the world a better place to be.”
The ISPI team that will be working with VSS, Tim and Leanne, are employees at Boeing and will be working with us for the months leading up to the conference, potentially longer. Doctor Roger Addison is the project’s Thought Leader. He volunteered his time and experience to provide guidance and training throughout the project. He led the two-day workshop and shared performance improvement tools, principles, and practices with the VSS team.
All of us at VSS are grateful for the opportunity we have been provided with and are excited to begin this journey of improvement.
Click here for more information on ISPI.