VSS Employee of the Year

Congratulations to the Victim Support Services Employee of the Year, Kimi Nolte!

The individual who was selected for VSS Employee of the Year was voted in unanimously and here’s why:

This individual was selected based on her outstanding performance in all areas of the job: overall job performance, demeanor, customer service, teamwork, leadership, and initiative. She has been described by her peers as being fabulous, a HUGE asset to the organization, a change maker, and the “rock” of VSS’s mission. It is my absolute honor to announce Kimi Nolte as the VSS Employee of The year for 2018!

Here’s what the team has to say about Kimi: 

“Kimi is the Lead Victim Services Coordinator.  She is responsible for overseeing 3 Victim Services Coordinators, assisting with cases in 5 counties, planning/executing client based events and part of the Fund Development Committee. Kimi’s knowledge of the criminal justice system (and a multitude of other things) is unparalleled.  She seems to be a walking encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to helping victims, and she loves to share her knowledge with anyone who will listen. In the past year, there have been many changes in the organization when it comes to employees, job roles and events. Kimi has trained all new employees under victim services and even volunteers to help others who are not under her supervision. She teaches at all CORE trainings and has offered to take on more classes when there isn’t enough VSS employees teaching. This year, Kimi has traveled to cities all over Washington, in order to teach the community about Identity Theft (which is one of her passions).”

“She is a fabulous employee, a huge asset to our organization and is so deserving of this award and recognition.”

“She is a hard worker. Always willing to step in when needed. Her passion to VSS’s mission shows through her work ethic. She is very patient with new employees and volunteers, always teaching them and give them advice. She is very good with clients. She is kind-hearted and compassionate. She represents our agency well. In short, this individual is the “Rock” of VSS’s mission. We need more just like her I wish we could clone her.”

“This woman has been tireless in her pursuit of justice for the clients we serve. Kimi has had to ‘take over caseloads’ a number of times because of staff leaving. She has done this with grace, expertise and a passion to serve. Yes, there have been times when she was tired, felt overwhelmed and came to me to problem solve, but always with a kind, open-hearted demeanor. She has grown immensely in the time she has been here and since becoming Lead – a position she whole-heartedly earned. Her desire to grow and mature in her job, to seek the best for our clients, and to be there for everyone on the team with a with a cheery, perfectly Kimi attitude, makes her my pick for Employee of the Year.”

“Kimi’s customer service skills are exemplary.  She is one of the friendliest people I know and she always arrives with a smile on her face and a happy greeting for her co-workers. Kimi can often be found assisting a co-worker with their tasks or helping by answering questions they may not know how to answer for victims.  Kimi also has an ability to communicate effectively with all of her co-workers, from the director level to our interns/volunteers. Kimi makes it a point to learn every CORE student’s name within the first five minutes of class.  Her classes are extremely informative and people always say how great they were.”

“Despite the overwhelming amount of work that everyone has to do, Kimi consistently finds ways to help her co-workers.  Her willingness to assist others and her commitment to educating VSS employees in victim rights is unequaled.  Staff members from the prosecuting attorney’s office and CVC (among other places) have all noted that Kimi is thorough in her work and she consistently follows-up to ensure the victims she is assisting are adequately helped. She is quick to respond to requests for additional information by other team members and is thorough in ensuring all loose ends are completed.”

“Earlier this year, Kimi oversaw between three to four counties at once, while the positions were filled in those regions. Her efforts not only benefitted the entire Victim Services department, but they also set an example and inspired her co-workers to stay pro-active on their job duties.  It’s those qualities that led her to be promoted to the lead victim services coordinator position. Although Kimi does not have the official designation of “director” in her job title, she has proven herself to be the go-to-gal for all other staff when it comes to question relating to victim services.  She regularly volunteers to mentor new hires, interns and volunteers that would like to know more about the Victim Services Coordinator position, or the criminal justice process in general. Not once since I have been part of VSS have I heard one negative comment about her.  It is with great pleasure that I respectfully submit this nomination for Kimi to be recognized as the VSS Employee of the Year.”